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Hotspot Shield Not Working on Android Get Alternative

Hotspot Shield Not Working on Android Get Alternative


Alternative To Hotspot Shield For Android Or Any Other Device Supports VPN
Hotspot Shield is pretty good software for both Computers and Smartphone but on some devices it is not working.
Today I came up with a solution which is alternative to it but not less effective then Hotspot Shield it is a simple Peer 2 Peer Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)  VPN and supported on a number of Operating Systems (OS) for PC and Smartphone.
You can try it on your own phone on which Hotspot Shield not available or not working.
You don't have to install any software/app on PC/Phone just configure it.
Steps are simple and easy . 
  1. Register at a VPN service.
  2. Get Username and  Password through email.
  3. Configuration of Device for VPN

Step 1: Registration

Go To Link Here
Type your email address,click agree
click reddish one (left) button and then
click on single button

Step 2 Getting Username and Password:

Check your email account you entered in first step a email will be sent to your given email address in which Username and Password should be mentioned.

Username :    XXXXXXX
Password  :    **********
VPN Server   ***.***.***

Step 3 Configuration of Device for VPN:

For Android :

Go to Setting>More>VPN
Setup screen lock 
Add a VPN Network 
Name: any name 
Server address : address in email you received.
uncheck PPP encryption MPPE (if option available).
Save Setting and open created connection.
Enter username and password you received by email.
Check Save account information.
Tap Connect Button 
When VPN is connected you can get notification in notification bar.

Now Your Phone is a PTA Restricted Area




4 Marketplace

Now You can Use YouTube 

YouTube By VPN
You can disconnect from VPN by Opening VPN Properties Present in Notification bar or see Picture 6.

 For Windows:

Check VPN for Windows Here

General Layout For Every Device :

It will work on every phone which support PTPP VPN connection.
Just create a simple PTPP connection.
Enter IP of server,username and password.
No other extra option to select.
Nothing else.
I gave you one example of this method try one for your phone too.

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