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Viber for Windows and Desktop Official Release

Viber for Windows and Desktop Official Release

Viber for PC Windows and Mac Official Release Viber launched its Desktop version this week which people were waiting for a long time now people have freedom to use viber on the go and at home for those who don't have smartphone.

Download Viber for PC here
The User interface is similar  to skype

Use Google Maps Without Internet GPS Without Data Plan


Use Google Maps Without Internet GPS Without Data Plan 


Use Google Maps and GPS without Internet

Things you need:

A Phone With AGPS Sensor.

Only one time Internet Connection to Setup.

Google Maps 5.7 or higher version check from about in Google Maps App.



This Method is for Android Phone Procedure may vary on Apple Devices  

Goto Make available Offline from Menu in Google Maps and select the area you want to use offline without done to add it offline.



Go to Setting>location services> check A-GPS and uncheck Google's location service.

Enabling A-GPS

Now open Google Maps again to Use GPS offline

Tap on Target icon in blue

Displaying Your Current location with direction

Now With Out Any Data connection You Can Use Google Maps with location information.

A-GPS have many other application like finding Qibla Direction on Your Present location.

Finding Sunrise and Sunset timing on your present location.

Use YouTube In Pakistan After Blocking

Use YouTube In Pakistan After Blocking 
Today i will show you how to use YouTube to watch and download videos after blocking of YouTube by PTA.
Please do not watch any anti-Islamic videos.
Use YouTube to show real Islam for betterment of Islam and Pakistan.

Method 1 Spotflux (For Window,Mac,soon Android)

The latest alternative i found up to now is Spotflux
 which is doing well but it also require java to run.
First install java link blow 
Windows Offline
then install spotflux ( Spotflux download link)

Spotflux is free and less ads almost no ads and Internet Download Manager is also working with it

Method 2 Hotspot Sheild(For iPhone iPad Android)

I have also tried hotspot shield which is good too but lot of adds here is the link for windows
just download and install but lots of adds can be blocked by ad blocker
for iPhone iPad Android search you respective app store for Hotspot Shield app.

Method 3 (Universal Method)


How it Works.
First we connect to a Japanese free VPN hosting server which encrypt our internet traffic avoiding caught by PTA web filter and responded to our queries.

We will use dial-up VPN connection over Internet(1 Mbps is recommended speed)

Step 1 Getting Registered on Server

Go to link blow
enter you email address
Click check box to Agree with Terms (Translate Page to read Terms of use)
                                                                           Click Box

Click First Box

Click Box

E-mail will be sent to your given email address
open e-mail account
read info title email and click on link given in email
you are now registered and ready to use it on any P2P VPN Sported device I Phone,Android Phone,Mac,Windows maybe Linux but not tried

Step 2  Setting up VPN on Windows(Win7)

Open control Panel and click Network Sharing Center 
Click set up a new connection

Click connect to a workplace and

                                                                 Click use internet connection


      Enter server address and next

                           Enter username and password given in second email you revived from site

   Click Connect

                                                                      Waite to Connect

 You are Connected Now and ready to use YouTube

Now you can watch and download videos from YouTube.
To download avoid using IDM
use Free YouTube Downloader to download YouTube

Hotspot Shield Not Working on Android Get Alternative

Hotspot Shield Not Working on Android Get Alternative


Alternative To Hotspot Shield For Android Or Any Other Device Supports VPN
Hotspot Shield is pretty good software for both Computers and Smartphone but on some devices it is not working.
Today I came up with a solution which is alternative to it but not less effective then Hotspot Shield it is a simple Peer 2 Peer Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)  VPN and supported on a number of Operating Systems (OS) for PC and Smartphone.
You can try it on your own phone on which Hotspot Shield not available or not working.
You don't have to install any software/app on PC/Phone just configure it.
Steps are simple and easy . 
  1. Register at a VPN service.
  2. Get Username and  Password through email.
  3. Configuration of Device for VPN

Step 1: Registration

Go To Link Here
Type your email address,click agree
click reddish one (left) button and then
click on single button

Step 2 Getting Username and Password:

Check your email account you entered in first step a email will be sent to your given email address in which Username and Password should be mentioned.

Username :    XXXXXXX
Password  :    **********
VPN Server   ***.***.***

Step 3 Configuration of Device for VPN:

For Android :

Go to Setting>More>VPN
Setup screen lock 
Add a VPN Network 
Name: any name 
Server address : address in email you received.
uncheck PPP encryption MPPE (if option available).
Save Setting and open created connection.
Enter username and password you received by email.
Check Save account information.
Tap Connect Button 
When VPN is connected you can get notification in notification bar.

Now Your Phone is a PTA Restricted Area




4 Marketplace

Now You can Use YouTube 

YouTube By VPN
You can disconnect from VPN by Opening VPN Properties Present in Notification bar or see Picture 6.

 For Windows:

Check VPN for Windows Here

General Layout For Every Device :

It will work on every phone which support PTPP VPN connection.
Just create a simple PTPP connection.
Enter IP of server,username and password.
No other extra option to select.
Nothing else.
I gave you one example of this method try one for your phone too.


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